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Mar 16, 2013 12:35am PDT
undercover videos have been the key to tough new anti-cruelty laws like this video which revealed the use of deceased cows for beef sold to consumers. >> this led to the largest meat recall in american history. >> and this one which exposed cruelty and unsanitary conditions at major pork producers. >> the only reason this has been of interest is because the footage is so shocking. the cruelty is so revolting, the sanitary conditions are so pauling. that's what has trigger this had response. >> reporter: but now all of that could be coming to an end. under pressure from the agriculture industry, at least five states now have laws making it a crime to go under cover on farm properties to record videos. and many other states are considering it. the law passed in utah last year has legislators called and amal rights groups terrorists and the enemy. >> vegetarian people trying to kill the animal industry. >> this is about a group of people that want to put us out of business. make no mistake about it. >> in iowa, the law passed just a few months after an abc news report which won a genesis awa
Mar 14, 2013 12:35am PDT
on many occasions because of poverty and because of some of the very liberal laws that have been approved in argentina such as same sex marriage. so i think that gives us more or less a glimpse of who he is, what we can expect from him. a very conservative line theologically. >> that simple wooden cross today, a reminder of his commitment to the poor as he wore it on the balcony. having said all that, how surprised were you personally today when you found out this would in fact be the next pope? >> very surprised. we thought there was a possibility it might be someone from latin america and we had thought of someone from brazil. even a cardinal from mexico or from honduras. but pope francis was not even on the short list of possible papal candidates. so it was a surprise. and to many, it was a very pleasant surprise. >> thank you so much for your help in our coverage tonight. you've certainly added to our understanding. >>> when we come back, we'll go to vatican city where my co-anchor will have more on what lies ahead with the new pope. great first gig! let's go! party! awwwww..
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2